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B&B La Corte dei Neri
a Firenze in Piazza dei Peruzzi 3/r

antipasti primi piatti secondi piatti i dolci WINE CART
Slices of prosciutto from the female pig served with hot bread €13,00
Selection of Tuscan and Umbrian cut meats with crostini €14,00
Goat and cow cheeses (Farms “Secondo altipiano” and “Casentinesi”) €13,00
Winter salad € 8,00
Eggplant Parmigiana with smoked buffalo mozzarella € 10,00
Legendary liver and spleen pâté with juniper berries € 8,50
Fried artichokes with Mocetti pork shoulder from Orvieto and squacquerone € 12,00
Frittatina omelette with red onions or truffle or asparagus € 8,50
Warm beef carpaccio alla Saba € 15,00
Codfish deep-fried in chickpea batter €14,00